Kayaking & Canoeing

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Over 50 Acre Of Lake To Explore!

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Discover the Lifetime Sports of Kayaking & Canoeing

There is nothing like feeling your own arm muscles propel you through the water. The true beauty of Great Herring Pond can really be appreciated by taking in the sights while in a kayak or canoe. We have a fleet of kayaks at the Camp Bournedale Waterfront Program, which enables the boys to learn the skills required to successfully operate and utilize a kayak or canoe in a safe and fun manner. These easy to learn skills will stay with the kids for life and their knowledge of these craft can even save a life! View Our Photo Gallery.

Whether taking a day class full of quality instruction and fun games, going on an evening cruise around the pond with your cabin mates or doing some fishing by trolling your line behind your vessel this activity has something for everyone.

We also feature exploration trips down our own little Amazon River, which is full of twisty turns, running rapids and plenty of turtles, fish and birds to check out.

Camp Bournedale, boys summer camp is full of adventures and we want you to be a part of it!


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