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Basketball at Camp Bournedale
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Basketball is one of our most popular team sports. With two outdoor-lighted courts and two indoor gymnasiums, the time of day or weather is not a deterrent to a spirited exciting program. Our superb athletic staff provides excellent instruction stressing all aspects of play. Our clinics focus on team play, passing, defense and shooting technique. When the boys go back to school they are in a position to make a positive impact in their local basketball program. There is always a pickup game going on for those who are interested. A game of horse, around the world or the local camp favorite, knockout are always happening.

Can you dunk a basketball? Years ago it was not even a question to be asked at a boys summer camp. On occasion we now see a Camp Bournedale Dunker! For the serious players we have organized teams that often play other camps in the area and we also attend multiple tournaments.

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