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Arts & Crafts at Camp Bournedale –
Making memories and keepsakes from childhood

With all the computer games and ipods, you’d think something as simple as arts and crafts would get lost on kids – but man, would you be wrong. Kids still love the simple pleasure of designing, making and painting things with their own hands. Campers are extremely proud of the artwork they create at Camp and look forward to sharing them with their families. View Our Photo Gallery.

Each day, eager campers head to our arts and crafts studio to work on a wide range or projects in a variety of mediums directed by local artist Eileen Holzman. Paper mache, woodworking, tie-dyeing and ceramics are just a few examples of activities campers can be found working on while attending this class.

We know for a fact that these simple items will be held on to, sometimes for decades, as cherished memories of a fun summer and childhood, spent on Cape Cod.

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“Time passes differently at camp. You can miss a year
and when you go back, it’s like you never left.”